Foreign policy of Pakistan under musharraf regime Dissertation


SUBJECT: Foreign Insurance plan of Pakistan under Standard Pervez Mussharaaf SUBMITTED TO: Honarable, Prof: Dr . Ayaz Sahib


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SUBJECT MATTER: Foreign coverage Analysis

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installment payments on your POST 9/11 FOREIGN PLAN OF MUSHARRAF

a. Pakistan relation with United express (US)

I. Ecnomic benefits

II. Defence benefets






3. Realization

4. Bibliography

1 . Pre 9/11 overseas policy of Musharraf

As was the case in previous army governments, Musharraf intent was going to return Pakistan to civilian rule when feasible. The chief executive plan to achieve this objective was comparable in certain elements to that submit by Ayub Khan. The action of Pakistan officers was coolly received by many in the exterior world. Washington was quick to criticize the coup leader and US Leader signaled his disfavor simply by changing his March 2150 South Asian visit to be able to spend just one or two hours in Pakistan when staying in India and Bangladesh for longer visits. However the strain in U. S. -Pakistan relations was caused by a a comprehensive portfolio of issues. Pakistan sustained political instability the repeated failure at building civil culture, the impediments to a image resolution of the Kashmir question and the most significantly the country's indivisible arms competition with India. In July as president Musharraf visited Agra India where he hit with Indian Perfect Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee to discuss local security and importantly the void of Kashmir. Not any real improvement was made but the meeting set the level for subsequent summit meetings between Musharraf and his American indian counterparts. The president appeared to be slipping right into a role that promised a time of reflection on how to restore the country domestic and international policy, although that all was changed inside two months by new actuality created by the September 14 attacks for the United States

installment payments on your Post 9/11 foreign insurance plan of Musharraf

a) Relation with US

Within just hours of the attacks around the World Trade Center as well as the Pentagon on 11 September 2001, the united states administration figured the assailants had most likely originated from Afghanistan and that any effective counterattack would require the co-operation of Pakistan. US government gave Pakistan a choice to align itself with all the Taliban plan in Afghanistan or with Washington. In answer to US govt Standard Musharraf made a snap decision Washington would get what it wished.

" Undoubtedly that Basic Musharraf in the beginning cast his lot together with the United States largely as a result of profound fears by what U. S i9000. enmity might imply for Pakistan's longstanding rivalry with India, its efforts in economic rebirth, its nuclear weapons program, and its equities in the issue over Kashmir. 6 Wanting to of protecting Islamabad's pursuits in these areas and to steer clear of Pakistan being a target in the campaign against terrorism, Musharraf reluctantly cut loose Islamabad's ties with the Taliban— a pressure it had nurtured, trained, and equipped for almost a decade in the effort to generate control over Afghanistan— and was aside as the U. S. -led coalition helped its detested antagonist”1

Just before 9/11 having been perceived as a military dictator who ought to announce and abide by a road map for the refurbishment of democracy. Since then his status has become transformed. The Western world has a stake in the survival. This status have been assiduously cultivated by Musharraf who has expected his program as the only reliable defence against a fundamentalist takeover in Pakistan.

" Because so many Western and also other...


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