Moon Shadow Extended Response Essay

Moon Darkness Extended response

In the new ‘I'm Being stalked by A Moonshadow' the characters Mister Parrot and Mr Raven are constantly out to get each other. Over the novel it is clear that Mr Bird is not doing the best thing simply by standing up to Mr Raven, for several factors.

Firstly, Father called Mister Raven a chromedome since Mr Raven had started out an argument regarding Mr Parrot flicking manure on to Mr Raven's trousers and about the neighbours worrying that the delivered smelled offensive and that the bathroom door apparently opened inwards and not outwards. Mr Raven even desired the building inspector but mother quickly ended him and said they would fix it. (Page 10) ‘Good day for you. ' stated Mr Raven, turning aside. ‘Chromedome, ' muttered Daddy under his breath. Daddy muttered chormedome because he was mocking Mr Raven about being striking. So this demonstrates that Mr Parrot is not dependable and is idiotic towards Mister Raven.

Subsequently, Mr Parrot was the one that had dispatched the email-based bomb to Mr Raven after Mother was intimidating to get on Dad's electric guitar when Mister Raven was inspecting the kitchen. As soon as mum was about to jump Mister Raven trapped her inside the act and she pretended that the lady was stomping on a pest. Mr Raven handed a list of circumstances to fix with the food prep because he claimed that it had not been a healthy preparing food area (pages 11& 12). So then the email explosive device was delivered. The following early morning Mum advised Dad that someone acquired sent a great e-mail blast to Mr Raven and accused that he did it. Dad feigned a look of innocence but it didn't Work on Mum. She knew it absolutely was Dad.

Lastly, Dad was your one who got started the feud with Mr Raven when he experienced visited the Parrots property to do his job since the Environmental Well being Officer. Dad tossed hi trowel into the nearest bin of ruin. ‘He did it carelessly and a fleck of manure splashed on Mr Ravens gray creased pants (Page 7). Mr Raven acquired told Father to apologise but Dad had refused and advised Mr Raven that it was his house and he would carry out whatever...


 First-person Narrative and Crucible Character Journal Essay
First-person Narrative and Crucible Character Journal Essay

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