What you can do to make your work 100% original

Our Site is an online writing service that provides its customers with two services. Firstly, we let students purchase essays online which they can then use word-for-word and secondly, we sell our research ideas and topics to them. What is important in both these services is that the paper that is written in the outcome of each purchase at Our Site is one that is 100% original and authentic. There is no plagiarism involved and each student does not need to worry about academic offenses of any sort. To write an essay that is free of copyright infringement, one must keep a few things in mind. We provide our users with the appropriate guidelines to encourage fair work and to build a trend of plagiarism-free work. Students firstly should be very careful of the research and texts that they choose to use – never ever forgetting the importance of citations. By citing the work of the author you have been using, you accredit them for their work and all the while make your work ethical and legal to publish. Secondly, the art of paraphrasing will help immensely. By rewriting ideas, articles and quotes you bypass any illegal usage and can rightfully move forward with your work. Furthermore, the use of synonyms and a different writing style then the original document will go a long way.

The consequences are real

The consequences of plagiarism are ones that shouldn’t be taken lightly, and here at Our Site – we are well aware of the penalties and the punishments that come with the illegal use of academic work. We ensure that every article or idea that is sold by Our Site is 100% plagiarism free. We understand the significance of copyright infringement and we would never purposefully take credit for someone else’s work. The reason that Our Site is one of the leading essay writing service providers is due to the importance we place on having plagiarism free work – not only do we internally cross check each and every paper that is sold, but we never claim the rights to any paper once it is sold. The rights and ownership are solely handed over to the one who bought it from Our Site.

One software to rule us all

Our Site plagiarism free software is an online service that is provided on our website which is free to use by our registered users and visitors alike. We like to encourage an environment of equality and fair trade, hence we try to persuade our readers to check the authenticity of any work they write or receive using our software. What students do not realize is that although they might write an essay that is 100% original and authentic in their mind – it may still contain traces of plagiarism that only our software can pick out and highlight. Our software cross checks the essay in question with the millions of online texts on the internet and picks out certain phrases that should be rewritten or edited. In the end, it provides a percentage of uniqueness for the writer. As many colleges and schools have different acceptable percentages – this is a particularly useful feature.