Can I order a paper anonymously?

Since we work based on the reputation we’ve built through many years of experience, we need to make sure that clients using Our Site webpage feel absolutely reassured about their own safety. We will not misuse your personal data that we collect while you use our services to try to profit by sharing such data with some third parties for any purposes whatsoever. That information is only used to make the technical aspect of your visit to our website possible and smooth, easy and successful.

Access to our client database extremely restricted. Only administrators can view information about your time spent, your ordering activity on our website, and you don’t have to worry that such information will become available to anyone else for any reason other than on special cases required by law.

What do you know about me?

The information we gather through your ordering form is your name, email address, phone number and the details of your order. This information is used for the purposes of fast, reliable and safe communication regarding the status of your order. We must be able to reach you immediately to make sure you get precisely what you ordered from us within your assigned time.

We are extremely serious about keeping any payments you make on our website safe, secure and confidential. You might be asked to verify your credit card with some type of officially issued ID, such as a picture on your driver’s license but that is done only to help protect you from someone who might want to use your credit card inappropriately. Our services that work on your finances are impenetrable to any outside interference or unwanted access.

Information collected automatically

Information related to your browser activity on Our Site is collected and stored automatically for every new user or guest that uses our website. We use that for the purposes of statistic and customization of your user experience strictly. We will not try to track or identify you and we won’t allow anyone else to use the information connected to your IP address. We will determine your time zone to make sure your papers are delivered in a timely manner every time. We use cookies for some of our features and they will not function properly on your device if cookies are blocked in your browser settings. Live chat won’t display properly to you for example.

Our Site offers a completely trustworthy service to all of our clients. Your academic reputation will not be compromised in any way because we cannot be forced to reveal that we have you as a client or that you’ve used our services in the past to your university or to your employer. Your academic career will never suffer; it can only prosper using our services. We are here for your needs and we would never betray your trust. Order a paper from us to get a much-needed break from schoolwork and never fear that it will become a trouble for you in the future. Anything else that might concern you can be resolved if you contact our customers support team. They are always available to reassure you and to provide you with every information you might need about our services.