WINE AND BAR Study Paper

п»ї1. Sturcture

19 Accurate n bogus questions (1 point each)

18 Multiple choices (1 point each)

8 Brief answers

4 Queries for 5 points every single

3 Queries for six points each

2 . True and false

Gin, Fl?schchen & Rum

Cognac/ Armagnac & Bourbon

(T) The bottom ingredients to get whisky, gin and vodka are embryon. (T) The base ingredient for rum is definitely sugar walking cane

(F) The bottom ingredient pertaining to brandy like the French Cognac or the People from france Armagnac is not grape (T) Calvados is a France dark spirit made from apple

(T) Fl?schchen is a Philippine spirit created from the handiwork of Tequila plant (T) Kirsch is a distillate of cherry

Beaumes de Venise, Madeira and port

(F) Port wine beverage is fortified after fermentation has completed

(F) Tawny port should be decanted before service

(F) Madeira is known as a French island

(T) Beaumes de Venise is a French fortified wine beverages

Mendoza, New South Wales & New York state

(F) Mendoza may be the largest development area of S. africa

(F) Nsw is in Traditional western Australia

(F) New York state is the most important wine beverage producing state of UNITED STATES Chasselas & Pinotage grape varieties

(F) Chasselas is a good white grape variety manufactured in Australia (T) The Pinotage grape can be used extensively to generate Pinotage wine beverage in South Africa. 3. Multiple choice


Which with the following is known as a type of light beer? (Stout)

In the United States, a " light” beer is described by the (number of calories. ) Which of the next ingredients to make beer is a living microorganism? (Yeast) The sweet liquid resulting from the mashing means of making ale is called (Wort) Until the fifteenth century, which will basic dark beer ingredient was not added to ale? (Hops) " Herbal, ” " opulent, ” and " citric” are terms used to identify the flavor of some sodas. These flavors are mainly made by (Hops) A major international scale for measuring the bitterness of beer can be the(International Resentment Unit (IBU)) Bitters


Cheese pairing

In general, cheese is the easiest to set with which wine beverages? (White wine)...


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